Mike O. Writes:

Does consciousness create the given world or is the world pre-given and spits out consciousness?

The Voices Reply:

Reaper: Mike, I would like to thank you. You have helped me discover how much I hate well-schooled people.

Conscience: Hey! I was well schooled! Before this, I was in the head of a surgeon!

Reaper: And that is supposed to change my mind?

Stinger: Hmm... are we pawns put here because the universe needed something to fill it, or was the universe created just for us to live in...

Reaper: Great... I feel a rant coming on...

Stinger: Hmm... If the universe was here anyway, why was it there in the first place? Was it created for others? Are the others still alive in another section of the universe? Or if it was created just for us... how would evolution take place? Could the creation of the universe have spawned us? Could we have been some left-over dust that started coming together? My head hurts...

Conscience: Stinger, those were some really good conclusions. I'm proud of you. I always thought you were some sex-obsessed freak.

Stinger: Hehe... did you say sex?

Conscience: Um...

Stinger: Sex... sex sex sex sex SEX! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!

Conscience: This is my fault, isn't it?

Reaper: I'm blaming you, yes.