Mike O. Writes:

Who had your face before you were born?

The Voices Reply:

Conscience: Hmm... This guy is just full of questions.

Reaper: Hmm... This guy is full of something...

Conscience: Hmm... You must admit; for our purposes, this isn't all that bad of a question.

Reaper: Um... ok... um... the face... where was the face...

Stinger: The Face belonged to no one. The Face was at the bottom of the ocean. It was at the exact center of the city of Atlantis. Bigger fish respected it, little fish feared it, medium fish worshiped it as their God.

Reaper: See what you started? And you just know he's not gonna stop...

Stinger: Just like all other religions, of the medium fish, some were over-zealous. They went to other medium fishes doors and said "Hey! Come and worship the face!" and the other fish were saying "No! We worship the hand that is sitting in the next underwater city down!"

Conscience: Do fish have doors?

Reaper: Do fish talk?

Stinger: Thus the holy wars began! The Face and his followers against The Hand and his followers! The battling fish were pretty well-matched, but sadly, when it came time for The Hand and The Face to fight one-on-one, it was easy for The Hand to pummel his opponent.

Conscience: Um... and the reason it was so easy?

Stinger: Opposable thumb.

Conscience: Oh of course... how silly of me to think otherwise...

Stinger: But The Hand was a gracious victor. He allowed to The Face to continue existing. The Face's followers quickly lost faith in his ability to protect them, though, and wandered over to bask in the glow of The Hand.

Conscience: Um... and how did the face end up where it is now?

Stinger: It was so heart-broken and shamed by his loss that he had to flee. He traveled long ways to hide with a fetus friend he knew. They were un-separable. Before the fetus left his small-but-cozy womb-home, he attached The Face to his head.

Reaper: Yeah. Everyone knows the story of The Face...

Stinger: Really... So I think that answers the question.

Conscience: Oh it answers soooooo much more then that...