Mike O. Writes:

Subject: What's the meaning of your society of mind answers?

Question: Why?

The Voices Reply:

Reaper: Deja vu... 

Conscience: Hmm... "society of mind"... whatever could you be talking about? Our minds have no societies in them. That would be crazy.

Reaper: Hmm... "meaning"... whatever could you be talking about? We have no "meaning" here. That would be crazy.

Conscience: Must you constantly mock me?

Reaper: Hmm... yes. I believe I must. That's what us "society" members do.

Conscience: No it isn't!

Reaper: It isn't? Let's take a vote. Friends! Romans! Anonymous voices! Lend me your ears! Eww! Put those back! It's a saying! Anyways, Yo people! Isn't it our job to tease conscience?

Chairman of the Board: Um... according to the votes, no, it isn't.

Reaper: Really? Hmm... Then I need to find a new target... I know! I'll beat everyone who voted that I stop taunting Conscience! Time for a revote! I have to see who votes against me.

Chairman of the Board: Um... wouldn't ya know it? There must have been some kind of error before... apparently it is our job to mock Conscience.

Reaper: Much better.

Conscience: Um... Can I call for a re-vote?

Reaper: No.

Conscience: But I was asking the chai-

Reaper: No.

Stinger: I'm getting a message... "WORSHIP PENIS!"

Reaper: And on that note, we leave you.