Mark W. Writes:

Why do you have some kinda of obsession with your penis and sex?

The Voices Reply:

Conscience: Good question! These people are insane... you'd think that if the man isn't sane, at least the voices in his head would be... but I seem to be the only one with morals... Everyone else is just so unscrupulous... 

Reaper: Unscrup-a-what? I don't understand what you said... but I know I don't like it... 

Conscience: Simpleton!

Reaper: Jack-ass!

Conscience: You are so childish!

Reaper: You're such a doody-head!

Stinger: Hehe... You said "Doody"... hehe...

Conscience: Um... Stinger... I think he was talking to you...

Stinger: Hehe... ok... Ahem. You see, It is really quite simple. I am here on behalf of Cyclops.

Conscience: Cyclops?

Stinger: One-eyed monster. You're the smart one, figure it out. Anyway, The head on this guys shoulders isn't the head he thinks with. I am here to speak on the penis's behalf. 

Conscience: That is the dumbest thing I ever heard...

Stinger: Aren't you supposed to be getting beaten now?

Reaper: Sorry, Fell asleep at my post.

Stinger: Thank you. Anyway, since the penis can't talk, I talk for him. He sends me press-releases and I put them into spoken word. T'is a noble cause.

Conscience: Noble?!? I've seen those statements he sends you! "I AM PENIS! WORSHIP ME!" I really think you are better then that, Stinger. You must have self-esteem issues. Do you need a hug?

Reaper: That's it... You're on the next bus to the digestive system...