Uncle Jimbo Writes:

This demands an immediate answer! I need to know the number for 911, there was a bad accident. Hot coffee spilt on my one-eyed monster and it's hurting pretty badly.

The Voices Reply:

Reaper: Hmm... Stinger, You take this one...

Stinger: I hope your penis is scared for life! "One-eyed monster" and any Odyssey-like penis references are our trademarks! THERE IS ONLY ONE CYCLOPS! So for help, call 1800-GET-YOUR-OWN-FUCKING-GIMMICK!!!

Conscience: Um... Stinger? Don't you think you are getting a bit too excited?

Stinger: No... As a matter of fact, the second this question came in, Cyclops sent me a memo about it; "WORSHIP PENIS!" See!?! You have upset him!

Conscience: Um... yeeeeeeees...